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Ultra Low-E Double Glazing

PG SmartGlass X2
Ultra-Comfort Glass

Our Ultra-Comfort X2 Low-E building glass ensures maximum comfort in your home, all year-round. 'Low-E ' refers to 'low thermal emissivity glass' which provides better insulation than standard glass and X2's double-glazed design efficiently manages extreme heat and cold whilst never compromising on light, allowing more glass in your home to maximise comfort and views.

Benefits of X2
Over Regular Low-E Glass

2 X Cooler

Cooler inside when it is hot outside.

2 X Warmer

Warmer inside when it is cold outside.

2 X Quieter

Quieter inside when it is noisy outside.

2 X Safer

Safer by laminating our X1 glass.

2 X Efficient

Lowers energy consumption year-round.


SANS 2000 Low-E specification allows for maximum views with more glass.

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PG SmartGlass X2™ Available in 4 Variants

Our X2 double glazed range is carefully constructed of a combination of clear glass and high performance coated glass. If you need the very best blend of insulation, light and energy efficiency thus providing all round comfort – then PG SmartGlass X2 is the right choice.

Single Glazing

Available in 3 Variants

X1 Range

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