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About PG Smartglass®

PG Smartglass® believes in making a difference to our customers by processing and delivering glass with care. We do this through operational excellence when it comes to glass processing, creating high-performance solutions, wholesaling standard glass products and excellence in distribution.

PG Smartglass® is South Africa’s leading distributor and processor of PG Smartglass® high-performance products.

PG Smartglass® is a B2B wholesaler of PG Smartglass® Solutions. The PG Smartglass® sales centres supply a range of solutions for the residential, commercial/architectural and wholesale markets.

The PG Smartglass® range includes laminated, double glazed units, mirror, coated and toughened glass products.

PG Smartglass® glass solutions

  • Residential
    • X1 single glazed high-performance glass
    • X2 double glazed high-performance glass
  • Safety & Security Glass Solutions
  • Comfort and Savings Glass Solutions
    • X2 Pro double glazed solutions
  • Acoustics Solutions
  • Aesthetics Solutions
  • Bulk sales (sheet glass)

PG Smartglass® has 3 processing plants based respectively in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

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20Sales centres throughout South Africa,

With over 20 sales centres throughout South Africa, our expansive fleet can deliver your company’s PG Smartglass® solutions to you on a quick turnaround basis. PG Smartglass® employs a team of specialist Project Managers who deliver architectural solutions to meet design challenges faced by building professionals. We are able to supply expert technical specification service for all projects.

PG Smartglass® processing facilities are located across South Africa and boast state of the art facilities to ensure the highest quality guaranteed.

Our services include

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    Technical Advice

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    Design & Specification Services

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    PG SmartGlass® Product Training

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    Distribution Nationwide

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