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Low-E Single Glazing

PG SmartGlass X1
Low-E Glass

Our X1 Low-E building glass provides thermal and acoustic insulation as well as safety and light control benefits. 'Low-E ' refers to 'low thermal emissivity glass' which provides better insulation than standard glass. You can now cost-effectively use more glass in a new home to maximise views or retrofit into your existing home.

Benefits of X1
Over Regular Glass


Cooler inside when it is hot outside.


Warmer inside when it is cold outside.


Quieter inside when it is noisy outside.


Safer by laminating our X1 glass.


Lowers energy consumption year-round.


SANS 2000 Low-E specification allows for maximum views with more glass.

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PG SmartGlass X1™ Available in 3 Variants

Our X1 single glazed range of laminated glass panes carries a range of specialised coatings. The selective coatings manage specialised needs for greater comfort, solar radiation and energy saving solutions. The lamination interlayer performs various functions which include safety, security, sound reduction and UV control.

Ultra Low-E
Double Glazing

Available in 4 Variants

X2 Range

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