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  • Energy Efficiency Calculator

    Try our Energy efficiency calculator for compliance with SANS 204 when using solutions from PG SmartGlass®.

General Knowledge

  • Standard Window Sizes & Putty Requirements

    Want to learn more about glass fitting, view the National Building Regulations window sizes & putty requirements info.

  • National Building Regulations

    Want to learn more about glass regulations, view the National Building Regulations document.


    Want to learn more about glass, view our glossary of glass terms.

Data Sheets - Residential

Data Sheets - Commercial - Comfort & Energy Savings

  • ColourVue®

    Laminated Tinted Glass

  • SolarVue®

    Laminated Coated Safety Glass

  • SolarShield®

    Laminated Reflective Coated Safety Glass

  • E Range

    Low-E laminated Glass

  • Ener-G Smart

    Reflective Low-E

Data Sheets - Commercial - Safety & Security Solutions

  • Intruderprufe®

    Laminated Safety Glass

  • Armourplate®

    Toughened Safety Glass

  • ArmourLam®

    Toughened Laminated Safety Glass

  • Pyran S®

    Fire Rated Glass

Data Sheets - Commercial - Aesthetic Solutions

  • ColourVue® Vanceva

    Coloured Laminated Safety Glass

  • Images


  • GraphixArt

    Inkjet Printed Glass

  • Armourscreen

    Toughened Silke Screed Back Painted Glass

Data Sheets - Commercial - Acoustic Solutions

  • Soundprufe

    Laminated Sound Control Safety Glass

Data Sheets - Wholesale

  • ClearVue®

    Annealed Float Glass

  • Serene Green®

    Annealed Float Glass