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PG SmartGlass X1™

Our X1 single glazed range of laminated glass panes carries a range of specialised coatings. The selective coatings manage specialised needs for greater comfort, solar radiation and energy saving solutions. The lamination interlayer performs various functions which include safety, security, sound reduction and UV control.


PG SmartGlass X2™

Our X2 double glazed range is carefully constructed of a combination of clear glass and high performance coated glass. If you need the very best blend of insulation, light and energy efficiency thus providing all round comfort – then PG SmartGlass X2 is the right choice.

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Our national network of PG SmartGlass Partners® are accredited by AAAMSA and SAGGA and manufacture and/or install our X1 and X2 PG SmartGlass® product range. They can assist with specification, quoting and installation.

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